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What kind of jewelry did they wear in the 80s?

Did They Really Wear That Much Jewelry?

Oh, you bet they did! The 80s were all about excess, and that included jewelry. People piled on the bling like there was no tomorrow. It was a time when more was definitely more, and subtlety was thrown out the window.

Big and Bold: The Statement Pieces

In the 80s, jewelry wasn't just an accessory, it was a statement. Chunky, oversized pieces were all the rage. Think massive hoop earrings that could double as hula hoops, and necklaces that could rival the weight of a small dumbbell. It was all about making a bold, in-your-face statement.

Neon Colors and Plastic Fantastic

When it came to materials, plastic was king. Bracelets made of colorful plastic bangles stacked up the arm were a must-have. And let's not forget the iconic jelly bracelets that adorned wrists everywhere. Neon colors were also huge in the 80s, so jewelry in bright, eye-popping hues was the way to go.

Accessorize All Areas

It wasn't just the usual suspects like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that got the 80s treatment. No, no, no. The 80s were all about pushing the boundaries. So, people started wearing jewelry in unexpected places. Ear cuffs, nose rings, and even belly button rings became popular. If you could pierce it, you could put jewelry on it.

Pop Culture Influence

Pop culture played a huge role in shaping 80s fashion, and jewelry was no exception. Madonna, with her iconic layered necklaces and fingerless gloves, set the trend for many. And who could forget the charm bracelets that were all the rage thanks to the hit TV show "The Golden Girls"? Jewelry in the 80s was all about expressing your personality and interests.


The 80s were a time of excess, and jewelry was no exception. From oversized statement pieces to neon-colored plastic accessories, people in the 80s weren't afraid to go big and bold. It was a decade of self-expression and pushing boundaries, where jewelry became a way to show off your personality and love for all things flashy. So, if you're feeling nostalgic, why not embrace the 80s spirit and add a touch of retro bling to your outfit?

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