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What kind of person should get a corgi?

Are you ready for a Corgi?

So, you've fallen in love with those adorable little Corgis, have you? Well, before you rush out to get one, let's take a moment to consider if you're the right kind of person for a Corgi. These pint-sized pups may be cute, but they have some unique characteristics that not everyone can handle.

Do you have a sense of humor?

Corgis are known for their playful and mischievous nature. They love to entertain and make people laugh. If you're the type of person who appreciates a good joke and doesn't take themselves too seriously, then a Corgi might be the perfect companion for you.

Are you active?

Corgis may be small, but they have a lot of energy. They were originally bred to herd cattle, so they have a natural instinct to be on the move. If you enjoy going for long walks, playing fetch, or participating in agility training, a Corgi will be more than happy to join you.

Do you have a sense of style?

Let's face it, Corgis are fashionable. With their short legs and long bodies, they have a unique and adorable look. If you're the type of person who likes to dress up their pets in cute outfits or accessorize them with stylish collars, a Corgi will be the perfect canvas for your fashion creativity.

Are you patient?

Corgis are intelligent dogs, but they can also be a bit stubborn. They have a mind of their own and may not always listen to commands. If you're patient and willing to put in the time and effort to train your Corgi, you'll be rewarded with a loyal and well-behaved companion.

Do you enjoy socializing?

Corgis are social butterflies. They love meeting new people and making new friends. If you enjoy hosting parties or going to social events where your furry friend can tag along, a Corgi will be the life of the party.


So, what kind of person should get a Corgi? Someone who has a sense of humor, is active, has a sense of style, is patient, and enjoys socializing. If this sounds like you, then congratulations, you're the perfect candidate for a Corgi companion!