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Why is it called pineapple pizza?

Have you ever wondered why pineapple pizza exists? It's a controversial topic that has sparked heated debates among pizza lovers worldwide. Some people absolutely love the combination of sweet pineapple and savory pizza, while others consider it a culinary abomination. So, why is it called pineapple pizza? Let's dive into the intriguing history and explore the origins of this polarizing pizza topping.

Did Hawaii Invent Pineapple Pizza?

Contrary to popular belief, pineapple pizza did not originate in Hawaii. Although pineapples are a symbol of the tropical paradise, the credit for this peculiar pizza topping goes to a Canadian. In 1962, Sam Panopoulos, a Greek immigrant living in Ontario, Canada, decided to experiment with unconventional pizza toppings. Little did he know that his creation would become a worldwide sensation.

The Birth of Hawaiian Pizza

Sam Panopoulos, along with his brothers, owned and operated the Satellite Restaurant. One fateful day, they decided to add canned pineapple to their traditional pizza recipe. To balance the sweetness of the pineapple, they also included ham as a complementary topping. The result? The birth of the now-infamous Hawaiian pizza.

Initially, the combination of pineapple and ham on pizza faced skepticism. However, it quickly gained popularity, and people started ordering it by the masses. The unique blend of flavors, with the sweetness of the pineapple contrasting the saltiness of the ham, created a taste sensation that appealed to adventurous eaters.

The Pineapple Pizza Controversy

Despite its widespread popularity, pineapple pizza remains a divisive topic. Pizza purists argue that fruit has no place on a pizza, while others embrace the sweet and savory combination. The debate has even reached the highest levels of society, with world leaders and celebrities weighing in on the controversy.

Love it or hate it, pineapple pizza has become a cultural phenomenon. It has inspired countless memes, jokes, and even dedicated fan clubs. Some argue that its existence is a testament to the diversity and creativity of the culinary world, while others simply can't fathom the idea of fruit on their beloved pizza.


So, why is it called pineapple pizza? Well, it all started with Sam Panopoulos and his daring experiment in Canada. Whether you're a fan or a foe, there's no denying the impact pineapple pizza has had on the pizza landscape. So, the next time you bite into a slice of this controversial creation, remember the story behind its origins and savor the unique blend of flavors that has captivated taste buds around the globe.