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Why not to get a bearded dragon?

Are Bearded Dragons Really the Perfect Pet?

So, you're thinking about getting a pet. You've heard about bearded dragons and how they make great companions. But before you rush to the nearest pet store, let's take a closer look at why getting a bearded dragon might not be the best idea.

They're Not Exactly Low-Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, bearded dragons require a lot of care and attention. They need a properly set up habitat with the right temperature, lighting, and humidity levels. You'll also need to provide them with a balanced diet of live insects and fresh vegetables. Forget about leaving them alone for a weekend getaway – these little guys need daily care.

Bearded Dragons Can Be Expensive

Be prepared to open your wallet wide if you decide to bring home a bearded dragon. The initial setup costs for their habitat, lighting, and heating can add up quickly. And let's not forget about the ongoing expenses of food, vet visits, and other supplies. Your bank account might feel a little lighter with a bearded dragon in your life.

They're Not the Cuddly Type

If you're looking for a pet to snuggle up with on the couch, a bearded dragon might not be the best choice. While they can be fascinating to watch, they're not exactly known for their affectionate nature. Bearded dragons are more like independent roommates than cuddly companions.

Bearded Dragons Require Space

These reptiles need plenty of space to roam and explore. A small enclosure simply won't cut it. You'll need to provide them with a spacious habitat that allows for climbing, basking, and hiding. So, if you live in a tiny apartment, a bearded dragon might not be the most practical pet.

They Have a Long Lifespan

Bearded dragons can live up to 10 years or even longer with proper care. While this might sound appealing to some, it's important to consider the long-term commitment. Are you ready to care for a bearded dragon for a decade or more? Think about your future plans and whether a long-lived pet fits into them.


While bearded dragons can be fascinating creatures, they're not the right pet for everyone. Their high-maintenance needs, expenses, and independent nature make them a unique choice. So, before you bring home a bearded dragon, make sure you're fully prepared for the responsibility and commitment that comes with it.

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