My portfolio showcases various works created throughout my career. See my contact information below and get in touch.

Popular Pieces

These pieces were originally created for online print on demand merchandise and were later licensed on jigsaw puzzles, posters, playing cards, phone cases, calendars, and many more products which are currently sold in Target, Walmart, and other retail stores around the world.

Creation Process

Here are some works which I originally created as t-shirt designs and were then sold on a range of other print on demand pieces of merchandise. The videos capture my start-to-finish process of working in Photoshop to create photo manipulations by cutting out images, puppet warping, merging images together, and adjusting color modes and layers.

How It Comes Together

Here you can see examples of my pieces when they are translated onto popular products.

Let’s make something together.

If you are interested in licensing Random Galaxy art please contact Tate Licensing www.tatelicensing.com/contact

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